LAKEY PEAK  (HUU BEACH – Nearest township is Dompu)
There are 5 world class surfing waves located in the area with 4 within 5 minutes of each other and the other one is about 20 minutes but worth it.

Lakey Peak – The main wave ‘The peak’ has a left and a right hand take off. Some describe it as the Sumbawa Machine. An intense hollow right & left hand peak, with the left generally being longer, the right can fire on the proper swell direction. An A frame set up with a guaranteed backdoor section. Best at 3-8 foot that holds all sizes and goes off at mid-tides, and the left can provide some deep barrels .  When it is 2 to 3 foot it is a lot of fun for all standards of surfers.

Lakey Pipe is on either side of  ‘The peak’ a popular wave amongst the body boarders. This wave ducks and weaves towards a hollowing section. It is surfable from 2 – 6 foot. Although Best up to 5 feet and at mid tide

Cobblestones  set in a picturesque horse shoe bay. On the northern side of the bay is a right hander that needs only small swell for it to start to ramp up and is soooo fun. On the Southern tip of the bay is the LEFT this wave needs the hightide and can get pretty sketchy at the end slab section.

Nungas – Under 8’ the wave breaks down into several sections of 50 meters or so, one or all may be surfable. But at 8’ the sections start to connect offering rides of 200 meters or more, with flat spots, hot-dog walls, full-on barrels all thrown into one ride. Best take-off spot is determined on an hourly basis. Can handle a crowd and swells as big as they come.


Periscopes –  This fun Righthand wave at the Northern end of the reef that sticks way out into the bay, Periscopes can offer a nice punchy wall and offers nice barrel section over a relatively shallow reef/rock platform, and a clean exit into a channel. A short paddle out . Better at high tides with glassy or N (offshore) winds. Blown out by dry season trades.



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